Citroen C2 Super1600

HillClimb / Circuit Citroen C2 Super1600 Racing car

Highly competitive, race ready and completely serviced

Engine: (Assoclub Italia) Super 1600 specs, 12:7-1 ratio, ITBs, Wossner forged pistons + connecting rods, lightned and hardened crankshaft, calming chamber, Standalone EFI, 240 hp, 9000 rpm, new engine, 40 km run. (14,000 euros)

Sequential gearbox 6-speed (Super1600), locker, final speed 181 km / h. – Zanghellini Italy, revised, 15 km run. (12,000 euros)

Lightweight flywheel, lightweight pressure plate, new sintered clutch.

Electronic dashboard, shift light Nomex.

Coilover suspension, adjustable in hardness and height.

Adjustable fall on both front and rear, the whole car is on uniboll. (arms, shock absorbers, steering)

Large brakes, 4 pistons / caliper, adjustable distributor, floating discs.

Lightweight bodyshell, complete fiber/fiber carbon, Citroen Sport Super1600, including roof and rear wings, about 780 kg.

Fuel tank: Installation with buffer tank (Fuel swirl pots), high pressure / flow petrol pump, mechanically adjustable pressure regulator, constant pressure always, regardless of fuel amount.


Sparco chromoly rollcage.

Automatic extinguishing system

FIA + FRAS(national) technical passport.

The car is built with sense of responsibility, very neat, many new parts, most competitive in the class, high quality in terms of maintenance regardless of cost, champion E1SH-1600 in Italy (3 years), champion E1SH-1600 in Romania

10 / 5 seconds faster on lap / climb than Citroen C2 R2 / Peugeot 208 R2

Mechanical spare parts included.